Introducing The Safety Climb Method: A New Way to Measure Safety

Spotlight Safety is thrilled to introduce The Safety Climb method, a new way to think about and measure safety. With this publication, we aim to propose a method focused on helping organizations develop more proactive and comprehensive safety programs. Why It’s … Continued

Why Aren’t Same-Level Slips, Trips, and Falls Viewed as a “Top Hazard”?

Where would employees rank same-level slips, trips, and falls as a hazard in your workplace? When asked to identify the top hazards in their workplaces, employees generally cite a combination of the following: Hazardous chemicals High voltage electricity Ignition sources … Continued

Why You Shouldn’t Rely Too Heavily on Safety Checklists

Safety checklists are ubiquitous in EHS and workplace safety. We use them for everything from hazardous waste checks and routine inspections to annual audits and job safety analyses. However, while checklists can serve as a great resource to guide a … Continued

Promoting Safety Culture Through Positive Reinforcement

“We’re having too many incidents. We need to crack down and do a better job promoting safety culture. We’re going to implement a three-strike policy and start including safety incidents in our annual review process. I talked to Organization X … Continued

Workplace Safety Inspections: How to Keep Things Fresh and Productive

“I can’t believe I never saw that!” How many of you have received similar responses after pointing out observations during routine workplace safety inspections? What does the response mean? Does it indicate the individual is inexperienced or careless? Not necessarily. … Continued