About Spotlight Safety

Your Guide Through the Gray

Safety regulations are often complex and nuanced. At Spotlight Safety, we are passionate about taking the time to work with clients to review programs and implement tailored solutions that promote a strong and compliant safety culture. We understand that every program is different and will work with organizations to ensure that safety programs meet regulatory standards and implement additional industry-specific best practices that make sense for the facility design and available resources.

Focused on the Big Picture

It is easy to get bogged down by the details when it comes to developing and monitoring an effective safety program. At Spotlight Safety, we leverage our experience reviewing and establishing safety programs to help organizations identify priorities and develop an accessible gameplan for program improvement and maintenance. We help guide strategies for the design and rollout of essential program changes and stay with you as momentum builds toward your ultimate goal.

Corey Martin - Founder and CEO

Meet Our Founder & CEO

Corey Martin blends a unique combination of bench science and EHS experience to provide clients with high quality, targeted safety trainings, materials, and regulatory guidance to promote safe and compliant research and manufacturing programs. He believes well-established safety programs form the bedrock of efficient, productive workplaces and is committed to helping organizations develop buy-in at all levels of the company.

Corey is a teacher at heart and recognizes the key to compliance is a strong understanding of the “why” underlying clearly written and consistently applied safety policies and procedures. He believes that quality trainings and safety processes must combine relevance, customization, creativity, and a thorough, but concisely conveyed, understanding of the regulations.

Prior to founding Spotlight Safety, Corey served as a Team Leader and Consulting Safety Officer at Safety Partners, where he managed a team of in-field consultants supporting clients in the biotech, life science, and manufacturing sectors. Before joining Safety Partners, he served as the Research Safety Officer at Dartmouth College, where he provided a wide-range of EHS oversight in biological, chemical, radiation, laser, and occupational safety, while also assisting with hazardous waste management and emergency preparedness. Corey has inspected hundreds of laboratory, R&D, and manufacturing environments and has reviewed countless safety SOPs and IBC protocols.

Before transitioning to a career in EHS, Corey earned a Bachelor’s degree in Biology with a Concentration in Cell and Molecular Biology and Biochemistry from Colby College and a Master’s degree in Immunology from Yale University. In addition to conducting bench work as part of his studies at Yale, Corey worked as a research technician at the Boston Children’s Hospital studying blood development and cancer in zebrafish. He also worked as an undergraduate research assistant at Colby College studying the innate immune system.

In his free time, Corey enjoys spending time outdoors hiking, fishing, and camping with his wife, Melody, and their golden retrievers, Benny and Baxter.