The Accidental Safety Pro

The Accidental Safety Pro: Podcast Episode

Spotlight Safety’s CEO, Corey Martin, was a recent guest on “The Accidental Safety Pro” podcast (episode link). Given his own roundabout journey to the safety profession, Corey truly resonates with the podcast’s message and is an avid listener.

In this fast-paced episode, Corey and podcast host, Jill James, tackle a wide-range of topics including:

  • Corey’s safety journey
  • Safety consulting
  • Laboratory safety
  • Brewery safety
  • Founding Spotlight Safety and Brew Safer
  • The ROI of Safety
  • Key safety performance metrics
  • Safety culture and safety culture assessments
  • The difference between compliance and safety
  • Safety committees and program management
  • The danger of overstating hazard levels
  • The importance of communication and relationship building in safety
  • “The Safety Cop” stereotype
  • Safety at academic institutions
  • STEM initiatives
  • The So I Married a Scientist Podcast

Jill and Corey conclude the episode with a discussion focused on The Safety Climb, an article Corey developed to shift the conversation from compliance and lagging indicators and toward broader program milestones. The article is intended for safety professionals and company leaders who are interested in taking a different approach to the safety program, but who are unsure where to start.

Corey was very appreciative of the opportunity to be featured on the podcast and thoroughly enjoyed working with Jill James and the team at Vivid Learning Systems.

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