At Spotlight Safety, we provide professional safety consulting services aimed at helping organizations navigate the complex world of safety regulations and best practices. 

Our mission is to provide safety professionals and organizational leaders with the tools and confidence to build, promote, and maintain strong safety programs.


  • Laboratory Safety
  • OSHA Safety Regulations and Standards
  • Environmental, Health, and Safety (EHS) Services
  • Regulatory Inspection Preparation
  • Hazardous Waste Management
  • Chemical Inventory Management and Cleanouts
  • Facility Selection, Design, and Setup Support
  • Classroom, Webinar, and Online Training
  • Permit and License Support
  • Safety Manual Development and Review
  • SOP Review and Guidance
  • Safety Culture Assessment
  • Incident Report Review and Follow Up
  • Safety Committee Coordination


Spotlight Safety’s CEO, Corey Martin, was a recent guest on “The Accidental Safety Pro” podcast (episode link). Given his own roundabout journey to the safety profession, Corey truly resonates with the podcast’s message and is an avid listener. In this
Spotlight Safety is thrilled to introduce The Safety Climb method, a new way to think about and measure safety. With this publication, we aim to propose a method focused on helping organizations develop more proactive and comprehensive safety programs. Why It’s
Ergonomics and safety have many similarities in the workplace. Both are key elements of employee health and wellness and it’s common for safety professionals to manage both programs. In this podcast episode, our CEO, Corey Martin, discusses the relationship between