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Ergonomics and Safety in the Workplace: Podcast Episode

Ergonomics and safety have many similarities in the workplace. Both are key elements of employee health and wellness and it’s common for safety professionals to manage both programs.

In this podcast episode, our CEO, Corey Martin, discusses the relationship between ergonomics and safety in the workplace with Tamara Parris and fellow guest, Io Culjak. Tamara is the host of the Woman is Safety podcast (sponsored by Io is an ergonomics specialist and the President of Optimum Ergo.

Podcast discussion topics include:
  1. What ergonomics entails.
  2. Why ergonomics is an important component of employee health and wellness.
  3. How ergonomics and safety are related.
  4. How ergonomics is related to efficiency and productivity.
  5. Relationship between ergonomics and missed time injuries.
  6. How ergonomics fits into hazard communication and wellness programs.
  7. How an increased focus on ergonomics can contribute to better workplace health and wellness.
  8. Why ergonomics and safety are often viewed as separate topics rather than integrated components of a complete program.
  9. The misconception that all ergonomic solutions involve significant financial resources.
  10. How ergonomics is typically presented in hazard communication training materials.
  11. Which workplace processes, such as repetitive motion tasks, are highest risk for injuries and ergonomic issues.
  12. Tips and tricks for improving employee health and safety in the workplace.

We hope you enjoy the conversation and add a few tips and tricks to your safety toolbox!

The podcast episode link can be found here.


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