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Introducing The Safety Climb Method: A New Way to Measure Safety

Spotlight Safety is thrilled to introduce The Safety Climb method, a new way to think about and measure safety. With this publication, we aim to propose a method focused on helping organizations develop more proactive and comprehensive safety programs.

Why It’s Important

It’s common for safety programs to stagnate after “achieving compliance” or when “lagging metrics” (e.g. incident rate) compare favorably to the industry average. However, this stagnation often prevents safety programs from creating a truly safe and proactive workplace environment.

The Safety Climb Method

Through The Safety Climb, we hope to help programs focus on consistent improvement by reframing safety as a continuous journey. With this in mind, we don’t view “compliance” or “below average incident rates” as safety program endpoints. Rather, we outline five “milestones” to provide a “bigger picture” and promote ongoing investment and management of the safety program.

The Five Milestones outlined in The Safety Climb are:

  1. The Starting Line
  2. Awareness
  3. Compliance
  4. Safety
  5. Proactivity

Throughout the publication, we provide guidance on how to assess where the program stands and how to progress from one milestone to the next. We also introduce our favorite assessment tool: The Safety Culture Assessment.

Our Target Audience

Who might benefit from reading The Safety Climb?

  • Business leaders looking for new ways to measure safety
  • Safety managers hoping to start a conversation with business leaders in their organization
  • Safety professionals interested in shifting the focus to more proactive safety programs
  • Consultants aiming to add a new communication strategy to their safety toolboxes
Where Can I Find It?

The Safety Climb method can be downloaded for free at the following link.


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