Regulatory Review and Safety Assessment

  • Program-specific review of new regulations, processes, materials, regions, etc.
  • PPE, safety control, and special policy recommendations
  • Formal Job Safety Analysis, Gap Analysis, and Risk Assessments
  • Communication with regulators, as needed

Customized Online and Webinar Trainings

  • Customized web-based or video conferencing trainings
  • Specialized trainings for employees, safety officers, consultants, training coordinators, and company officials

IBC Coordination and Protocol Review

  • Review IBC needs based on funding sources, local regulations, and rDNA work
  • Assist IBC Chair and BSO with setting meeting agendas
  • IBC protocol pre-review, coordination of committee review, and post-meeting follow up
  • Development of meeting minutes and protocol approval letters

Regulatory Inspection Preparation

  • Review company inspection liabilities
  • Generate inspection “playbook” to ensure employees know what to do during regulatory inspections
  • Identify key personnel and documentation for each possible inspection (e.g. OSHA, DEP, DOT/FAA, USDA, Public Health, RCP)
  • Provide guidance on “dry run” regulatory inspections to put the playbook into practice

EHS Permit and License Support

  • Controlled Substances Permits (DEA and State)
  • USDA Licenses
  • Radioactive Materials Licenses
  • Laser and X-Ray Registrations
  • Wastewater Permits
  • Hazardous Waste Generator IDs (EPA and/or State)

Safety Manual and SOP Review

  • Biosafety Manual/Exposure Control Plans
  • Chemical Hygiene Plans
  • Hazard Communication Plans
  • Emergency Action Plans
  • Radiation Safety Manuals
  • Laser Safety Manuals
  • Viral Vector Use Policies
  • PPE Policies

Safety Culture Assessment

  • Survey of employees at all levels of the company to assess the organization’s overall safety culture
  • Provide recommendations to improve safety culture in areas identified by the survey


  • Chemical Inventory and SDS Management Guidance
  • Recordkeeping Review and Assessment
  • Incident Review and Close Call Follow Up