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chemical inventory management

Whether your facility has ten chemicals or ten thousand, it’s important to maintain an accurate inventory of the hazardous materials onsite. That said, chemical inventory management is easy when you only have ten chemicals, but the challenge grows as the

promoting safety compliance: the drawbacks of a three-strike policy

“We’re having too many incidents. We need to crack down and do a better job promoting safety culture. We’re going to implement a three-strike policy and start including safety incidents in our annual review process. I talked to Organization X

avoid bulk sales when purchasing chemicals

Purchasing lab chemicals is an important role for many operations, but it’s also one that comes with unique challenges. Most notably, purchasers often need to fulfill urgent chemical orders on a limited budget. As a result, bulk chemical sales are

workplace safety inspections

“I can’t believe I never saw that!” How many of you have received similar responses after pointing out observations during routine workplace safety inspections? What does the response mean? Does it indicate the individual is inexperienced or careless? Not necessarily.