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hazardous waste management

Hazardous waste management is an area that many organizations struggle with. The reasons vary, but they’re generally rooted in a lack of regulatory understanding or complacency. While hazardous waste products may be dismissed as unimportant byproducts of an experiment or

safety checklists

Safety checklists are ubiquitous in EHS and workplace safety. We use them for everything from hazardous waste checks and routine inspections to annual audits and job safety analyses. However, while checklists can serve as a great resource to guide a

chemical spill response

-How many different chemical spill response procedures does your safety program have? In my experience, unless the facility has highly hazardous materials or is a Large Quantity Generator with a required Contingency Plan, programs tend to default to two standard

lab contaminants on personal electronic devices

Does your lab facility appropriately control for contaminants? If you’re unsure, consider the following questions: Do any of your employees use their phone as a timer or calculator? Are individuals allowed to wear headphones while working in the lab? Does