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Our mission is to provide safety professionals and organizational leaders with the tools and confidence to build, promote, and maintain strong safety programs.



fire extinguisher safety

Many organizations take fire extinguisher safety for granted. Extinguishers are installed throughout the facility and (hopefully) receive their required monthly and annual checks. But thankfully, most of these fire extinguishers will never be discharged. Like spill kits, first aid kits,

Short post this week to wish you all a Happy Fourth of July! Whether you’re grilling, swimming, having a campfire, or lighting some sparklers or fireworks, use appropriate precautions and stay aware of your surroundings. No celebration is worth putting

safety training quizzes

Do you use safety training quizzes as part of your training program? Many organizations do. However, there’s a difference between using quizzes as a documentation tool and using them to enhance the overall training experience. When used effectively, quizzes reinforce

ppe compliance

PPE compliance is a common safety issue, and it may ebb and flow over the life of a program. I don’t say this to excuse or minimize it. Instead, I want encourage everyone to remain vigilant, even if your program’s