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Our mission is to provide safety professionals and organizational leaders with the tools and confidence to build, promote, and maintain strong safety programs.



workplace injury procedures

As safety professionals, we develop workplace injury procedures with the hope that they’ll never be used. However, the reality is that accidents can happen quickly and without warning, even in the safest workplace environments. Depending on the severity of the

pushback in safety

Navigating pushback in safety is an all-too-common challenge. This is especially true when establishing a new safety program or making changes to an existing program. While pushback is not something people look forward to, it’s a critical element of being

expired lab chemicals

In this post, I want to highlight an article on “expired” lab chemicals that recently popped into my LinkedIn feed. The article is titled, “How to Handle Lab Reagents After Their Expiration Date” and was originally published on It

brew safer

Official Launch of Brew Safer! As a scientist, safety professional, and craft beer enthusiast, I am thrilled to announce the launch of Brew Safer (website), a new branch of Spotlight Safety. Brew Safer provides industry-specific safety development and support for