Interested in Joining the Spotlight Safety Team?

At Spotlight Safety, we put employees first to ensure that our clients get the highest value and most consistent service possible. We value work-life balance, manageable workloads, and recharge time to prevent burnout and allow employees to service each client to a high quality, high touch standard, regardless of size or scope. We want every client to feel like they are our only client, which can only be accomplished by proactively managing employee time. We have an internal goal of responding to all client questions and inquiries within 24 hours, which can only be done when intentional effort meets smart workload management. At the end of the day, Spotlight Safety is a customer-service organization, but the foundation for high quality service starts with a commitment to employee growth and retention.

What it takes to succeed at Spotlight Safety:

  • Excellent soft skills
  • Keen attention to detail
  • Proactive communication
  • Organization
  • Creative thinking

Open Positions

If the above description sounds like you, consider applying for one of the positions below:

Don’t see a position that fits your skill set? Reach out anyway. Let us know why you would provide value to our company and clients. We are always looking for new and creative ways to improve our operations. Contact us at

Our Commitment to Employees

At Spotlight Safety, we put our employees first so our clients receive high quality support from happy, knowledgeable, and accessible consultants and specialists.

What our commitment looks like:

  1. We value your growth
    • We sponsor professional development and an annual professional membership for all eligible employees
    • We remain actively engaged in your long-term career goals
    • We will never hold a grudge – if life or career changes arise, we thank you for your time and will support you in your future endeavors
    • We don’t lock you in – we don’t require our employees to sign restrictive non-compete or garden clauses because we’re committed to retaining talent through trust and support

  2. We value your ideas
    • We believe that everyone at Spotlight Safety should be empowered to voice ideas for improvement
    • All employees have a direct line of communication to the Founder and CEO
    • We distribute routine surveys to monitor the direction of the company and seek employee input

  3. We value your personal time
    • Our PTO policy requires employees to take a minimum of 20 days off per year
    • We’re closed on all ten federal holidays each year
    • We encourage employees to take vacation time between Christmas and New Year’s
    • We conduct regular engagement surveys to monitor burnout and workloads
    • Employees work from home when not onsite at client locations
    • We work to arrange schedules and client loads to minimize travel time

  4. We value your financial security
    • All employees are eligible for an employer-sponsored emergency fund after completion of the initial onboarding period
    • We offer signing bonuses to all new hires
    • We offer bonuses for performance, professional development, internal advancement, and onboarding milestones

Ready to apply? 

  • Skip the cover letter
  • Send your resume to with your name and the position in the subject line
  • Use the format First Name Last Name, Desired Job Title (e.g., Corey Martin, Safety Consultant)
  • We look forward to hearing from you!